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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

how big is your stuffing..

So emailed a few folks our photos from picture people and one of our friends Clare sent me a link to a blogger who knits r2d2 type-ish beanies. The knitter has lots of cool hats but this one made me laugh out loud.


And of course that got me looking at www.Etsy.com and buying wee man a new snow rain hat since its raining so much here this week and he has one hat that fits him well, the others are too small for his large Mac size head and elfish ears. Not saying he's not cute but we know where he got the big head from... My Mum by the way has a much smaller head so kinda balanced us out.

Also made me remember my one and only stab at knitting more than a Dr Who Scarf (who hasn't tried that ! Tom Baker is probably responsible for half the wool being used in the 70's in UK and Ireland from his fashionable scarf wearing version of Dr Who. Anyway - in school we had to knit a teddy bear - all the class. So I was best friends with Joan who even then was a Martha Stewart protégé. When we did a class project together on China and Japan, she made a kimono for the Barbie type doll we used, made a rice paddy hat and costume for the other doll and then wrote a haiku. Seriously. I did a bad graph on their history... We were 10 nearly 11 ....

So lets just say that it was like chalk and cheese - her and my versions of teddy. We all started out with same wool and instructions but at the end of the 2 weeks this is what we had;

Joan's teddy - perfect 6 inches tall, with an extra knitted vest, hat and tie she made with matching shoes - looking like it was made by a professional
My teddy - over a foot big - with holes you could drive a truck through along its body. It was so sad that my Mum had to chop up bigger stuffing so it wouldn't fall out of its body. Even Charlie Brown's Christmas tree looked like a masterpiece compared to this teddy.

So I haven't knitted since. I don't have those skills and have admitted to myself that the only thing I can spin is a good yarn ..

Thankfully there's www.Etsy.com out there for us tangled up by wool and art projects


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