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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So saw one good movie at home and at the cinema this week

The movie "Once " we saw at home. Irish movie about a musician and a woman he meets who inspires him to sing his own songs. Excellent movie and as much as I hate musicals I loved this one as it was more about the songs they wrote together then someone crossing the room saying and NOW I CROSS THE ROOMMMMMMM in a high pitch or tenor voice trying to make every action into some frackin song. Great chick flick and well worth seeing at home. We bought the songs as mp3 straight after.

Then Saturday we saw the movie 'Jumper". Good movie and put the wee man in the moby wrap and off we went to a 7pm show with him in his pj's. He slept for half of it then a hand popped out of the wrap feeling my nose and mouth. I went and stood at the side then of the movie and walked up and down with him happy as larry (why is it Larry is always happy?). Thankfully it was one of the movies with gallery seats and a mini wall so nobody was bothered by me pacing the carpet. Good sci fi flick. I had read the two books a few years ago and they didnt do too badly on the movie. Its one thats better on the big screen than at home.


At 7:43 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

You're still safe. "Once" isn't really a musical. It's just a movie with music in it ;) Totally apples and oranges.


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