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Monday, March 03, 2008

swim swim swim

So Friday brought the wee man to the local Y pool. I had wanted to bring him for a couple of weeks but sure there was the flu that we all got. Thankfully not a full dose as we had got the vaccinations but enough to make us all sick over a couple of weeks and linger on like the smell of burnt popcorn..

It was 83 degrees and wasn't as warm as it normally felt when supposed to be 83 degrees so didn't keep in water too long. Also he was keening a wee moan just taking it all in. So we walked around the shallow end looking at the two wee boys also swimming. There was no body else in the pool so perfect. Of course the two boys migrated down to us and started splashing because that's Murphy's law but wee lad was happy to watch them and relaxed then looking around. We played a little then on the steps and I decided I need a baby wet suit kinda of thing to keep him warmer as even if I kept moving he wouldn't be warm enough. (a few clicks later and the wee suits on way ! All with easy to fasten bums for those swim diaper changes)

It was lovely to get out with him and go to the pool, especially since I spent most of my pregnancy walking in that pool. Still a bit of an expedition type packing on changing him there as wasn't sure first time but next time I don't think I'll need the three robes and four towels.. Also they have two changing tables within small dressing room by the pool that's perfect for changing a baby in so will change him there next time.

I had been for a swim night before. Hubbie saw that I needed a swim that night after an annoying call with a customer in afternoon. To summarize this customer had to do one wee tiny thing as headquarters wouldn't give me their information as customer only request. Now I had done everything else for them but still demanded I do that even though I had explained nicely since January I couldn't and practically spoon fed them how to do it explaining via email, phone and in person that they needed to call. Yet they demanded again like a petulant child, why do we even have a team if you don't do these for us. Guess their understanding of a team is a bit screwed up.

Anyway got to point where customer was shouting at me on phone. I don't do shouting. I just told him that's how it was and I did get bothered more by the fact that only day before had seen customer and told them again they ended to call to get this tinsy winsy bit of info. Like asking someone to go to bathroom for you. You may wish all you want but end of the day you have to take that piss yourself. Capish !

So the swim was fab and got me thinking that probably easiest way for us to get out now is do to this tag team. Wee lad is normally now down around 830 ish so getting out for a swim or golf driving range is perfect if we swap each night so that we both get some exercise in. Saturday morning I got to sleep in (and Sunday too I am so so spoiled!) and himself went off to golf Sat afternoon while me and the wee man battled babies r us and target for some stuff I wanted to get. (more washable bibs, more spoons, training sippy cups, wee highchair for travel and going out that clamps to table for Florida, more baby food since he's eating like a horse and sunscreen wipes since the sun has decided to come out here again)

So plan to get more swim in this week and get back to being fitter. Swim Swim Swim..


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