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Monday, March 17, 2008

wonderful weekend

So Friday went to the Y and decided to drop wee man off so he could meet some of the child workers before we went out that night. I dropped over to the gym to walk on treadmill and ended up meeting with their trainer for free who signed me up and showed me the machines. I ended up lifting over 1071 pounds over the hour in weights on various machines and doing a wee walk on treadmill and the bike. Cool gym where you log onto each machine and it keeps track of what you are doing. You even get fitness points that you can then trade in for prizes along the way. What a cool idea. Wee man enjoyed his hour and later that night dropped him off and me and hubbie whisked off to watercourse way for a hot tub soak and a massage.

This was no wimpy smell the candles and enjoy some lavender oil massage. This was one of those holy crap i didn't realize i had a muscle knot and the guys working with his fingers and feels like his elbow.. It was brilliant and well needed. We fell out of there picked wee man up and all fell into bed sore and happy. The massage was so needed and thankfully we had the hot tub soak beforehand or poor guy would have been trying to massage a brick...

Saturday night we had 6 folks coming over for dinner from the church that we hadn't met. So we cleaned our arses off Saturday morning. Pretty much piling the where does it go into the boxroom and cleaned the front room, kitchen and entertained the wee man who just loves to roll around pretty much as much as you let him. We dropped him off then to wee girl who's babysat him for a couple of hours before and we went and watched the spiderwick chronicles. We probably should have gone home and cooked instead but I thought we wouldn't feel like we had a babysit moment. The wee man loves going to his daycare lady house and loves her kids so perfect that he was there. We got home and I whisked up 22 chicken enchiladas like a enchilada making machine and popped an apple pie into the oven, heating also up enchiladas, made some Mexican style rice, southwestern corn, a baileys cheesecake and we were all set. (Imagine Tasmian devil in Kitchen and thats pretty much me cooking)..

Our kitchen is tiny.. so we moved some furniture around and did a table and card table for 8 folks in a diagonal. Warned them when they arrived that once they sat down that was it. They were then stuck there. Also hubbie picked up wine where I had splurged at Bev Mo at their 5 cents sale for buy one get 2nd at 5 cents. So we had plenty to share since I bought 22 bottles....

So folks arrived on dot at 7pm. Which cracks me up as if this was an Irish party people would be coming around say 830ish for 7pm. The wee man woke up from his nap, got some cuddles and flirting in with the nice folks and then was down for 830 after some carrot mush.

We had a lovely dinner, met some lovely folks and I discovered that maybe 10 enchiladas would probably have been enough. We are hosting another one in May and then we'll do a buffet BBQ.

Lovely way to meet some folks from the church and we all agreed its a nice wee church where folks are friendly but not in a scary way. That's important. Also nobody is asking us to put our hands on the TV screen and be saved by the big J. Always a good sign. I like this wee Lutheran church. Its Catholic Lite :-) And with the changes that I always thought be a good idea with the RC church.

Sunday we basically lazed around and I got stuck in clearing up the boxroom where we had thrown everything in while 'cleaning' Saturday. Getting there. At least we can see the bed again. Then some Torch Wood on BBC America which we just got this week.

Hope your weekends were fun but relaxing as well. Anyone for enchiladas?


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