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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

roll this way, then that way

Things are on a roll here at the McViking household

Not just trying to get dinner for 8 with our church all ready for Saturday but also the wee man is now rolling around as a means of locomotion.

Its very funny to watch him try to get to a toy and for some reason roll in opposite direction and turn himself around to roll the other way. He's been getting tired which is a good thing considering all the food he's now eating. Just watching him engage his tummy muscles and legs and coordinate the move is amazing.

I was reading that babies normally are on a few baby teaspoons at this point. He is munching through a jar of food each feed. We take wee breaks as want him to set the pace but he opens and closes his mouth for more coming to dive in on the spoon like a baby bird. Now munching sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peas, green beans, pears, applesauce, bananas, peaches, prunes, oatmeal and rice cereal .. All loved pretty much. He's more of a veggie lover which is a good thing.

His latest trick last week at daycare was to take his sock off after eating and wipe his mouth.. Mr Manners that he is...

He's such a happy wee man. Social, loves to watch others and interact but also quite happy to play by himself for a wee bit and chew on his toys and books. Still no teeth which I tell him daily and he giggles at my no teeth exclaim!

Looks like might be taking after me that way - I didn't get my first teeth till really late and proudly boast of still having at least 5 baby teeth with big teeth under them. Every time I see a new dentist I tell them and they yes me saying you think you have big teeth but probably only one set. Then they come back from x-rays and say - my God - you have big teeth under those baby ones, how old are you again?

When we were back at hubbie's parents house a few years ago his Mum handed him a small box as they are making sure he has all his heirlooms in their later years. So he opened it and took a while to process. He gave to me shocked. His Mum had kept ALL his teeth, small ones, BIG ones, Molars, WISDOM, even one hacked into quarters to get it out. That's all your teeth that fell out or taken out she said, although the dogs teeth are probably in there as well. Good for DNA evidence if he ever goes missing she tells me, well apart from Murphys the dogs in there as well....
I think from that we'll just keep one of the wee mans teeth when they come hah. The look on customs when we went through Florida security at the airport with the teeth was priceless... Thankfully Jan didn't have any surgery or we might be coming out with jars with pickled organs...

Gandalf Jr has no teeth but he is starting to grown hair daily so has taken after Daddy and not his bald till I was 2 and lived in hats Mummy. Started to come in, looks like strawberry Blondie aka light red is the color for now.

Have a good week folks


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