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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

girls night in

My friend Ciara had a wonderful idea. Normally stuck in her house on a Friday as he hubbie goes plays poker she had a few friends drop by. So she spread the word and now planning once a month for a girls night in. I dropped in last Friday and spread the word with two other girlfriends coming down with about 10 of us there. Stories were swapped and we laughed ourselves so hard that I thought I would be sore for the week from laughing

I did my wee entertainment spot when Ciara said - wait till S tells you some of her medical stories. All true and of course some Irish spin on them makes them a good story but one of my fav stories was told by our friend Clare.

C was at this music teachers class and the teacher was getting all the different folks from different cultures to share their special country folk dances. Morris dancing from England, Irish Dancing and so on. She kept hounding the girl from Iceland for her special dance and after a few weeks she showed them an old dance. Iceland has a lot of horses and to stop them running too freely they hobble them with a rope from back leg to front so they can walk but not run. So representative of this they tied a scarf from leg to leg while they sang an Icelandic old tune. Fast forward couple of years and C is on her way to England via Iceland. Decides to stay in Iceland for a week and by coincidence sees her old Icelandic pal at airport who has come home. She welcomes C and tells her to come over for dinner in a couple of days and they will give her lift to hostel as her sister is picking her up. Sister picks them up and they introduce while driving to hostel. This isn't one of the people you had doing that Icelandic dance you made up is it.. Oh yes it was.. Poor girl was so embarrassed. She had felt so put on spot to have a native dance that she made it up.. Funny and true. The best ones always are..


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That sounds like so much fun!


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