Diary of An Irish Woman

musings of an irish lady now living in America.

Monday, June 27, 2005

coming home...

So wonderful, top of Mount Hamilton, at the Lick Obsevatory, looking down at the city far below us and the sky full of stars, Jan asked me to be his wife and I said yes… I’m so happy, feel like bursting. :-) YEAH !!!! His Granny’s wedding band is on my ring finger and means more to me that any diamond ever could. Anyone who knew what a growth and rediscovery year this has been for me will know how much God has blessed me by bringing Jan into my life. Heres to 2005 - a beautiful year filled with friends, family and love rediscovered.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

molly malone

This is back a few years ago. I was in Ireland and passing the tart with the cart (very bosum heavy Molly Malone statue) off Grafton Street in Dublin when two loud yanks stopped me.. (loud clothes, loud voices and very very touristy…

Mam excuse me Mam… who is this.. pointing to Molly Malone in all her bosom glory.. Now there was at that time a sign about the statue, who she was, the song etc but they were too busy taking pictures to bother reading. Again in loud voices as loud as their shirts, who is this? That I said in my most neutral voice, is Molly Malone. The man loudly asked who was she while he was looking at her hanging out of the dress.

She was our most famous prostitute I told them. See that cart, she wheeled it around herself and did 59 men on it it one night, including the then Mayor of Dublin himself. Sure ask anyone - we call her the tart with the cart and there’s even a song about her.. I walked away leaving them with their mouths hanging open… Love gullible people

Friday, June 03, 2005

My Birthday Month

Well it’s my birthday month again :-) I’ve always believed in having a birthday month instead of just a day, theres the reflection of what you’ve done, learnt, not learnt as maybe the case over the last year.

Last year was a turning point for me in so many ways. I learnt to be alone and fine with it. I learnt that my family are truly amazing people and I have wonderful support from them no matter what happens to me. I rediscovered my love again - Jan, as it feels like we have been apart for eons and yet again only in a moment. I gained new friends and learnt to be ok with not being so close to ones I had to do all the work for friendship. I changed jobs and I’m still learning all that comes with that and also how to not throw myself into a job full time and have time for me. I learnt that I am stronger than I think and weaker than I know.

I will be 34 yrs young on Sunday and look forward to sharing it with my love and my friends and family that I’ve grown here and inside sharing it with my family in Ireland. I’ve learnt that I have lots to still learn and new adventures to still go on. Rereading and reading books of Narnia again and it seems very apt for my new adventures ahead