Diary of An Irish Woman

musings of an irish lady now living in America.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Queen Borg

So you know that you're a geek when you tell your husband that QueenBorg is available.. I have the handle on Facebook and Twitter and he runs to get his laptop and goes and gets the domain for you. I've been slacking in posting here - facebook is a lot easier but I'll do a better job. Whats new? Well two kids now - age 3.5 and 15 months and both doing grand. I start a new job in May, I just got accepted to my MLIS program in fall and I'm now half the person I was after losing weight and also now doing a 5K every month this year. Exciting and the changes are really just bringing me back to me. I finally feel back to being myself and glad I have my hikingviking partner to share it all. Expect more QueenBorg ;-)