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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring clean

I'm getting ready to spring clean and freecycle the shite out of stuff
we have in the house and garage.

Now that F2 is doing better for now and holding his own I'm trying to
get more organized at home and set up the house so we know where
everything is. We have the bedrooms pretty done and kitchen but the
garage and some closets are just scary!

I make lists so I can feel better about getting it all cleaned. Works
for my brain anyway.

F2 is now in 3-6 month clothes or just about. It's amazing how quick
they grow. With all the hospital stuff it's been hard to get into a
routine and with his doctors visits and mine for the SPD been twice as
hard but we will get there!

So back to cleaning and laundry I go. Now just to finish taxes and we
can all celebrate a working weekend

Friday, March 26, 2010

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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hello video



Much better

Hanging out

Happy Paddys Day


Finally catching up to some sleep. Having a newborn is always tiring but more so when back in hospital for another blood transfusion. Threes a charm right! It's the hereidtary spherecytosis again kicking his red blood cell level into anemia. Poor we guy was so so tired and not feeding well. We were at hospital till 2am while I held him as this small bag of blood went into him over 4 hours. He's doing much better and I was surprised to hear that the hospital that we had him in had another case of HS. Now the nurses know about it thanks to our education and stay so hopefully they can help these parents out and get them to Stanford for the right followup

Sunday morning my hubbie took the baby out and got breakfast and I slept in a bit. It was so good wish we could do that every day hah

Wishing you and yours a lovely week

Monday, March 15, 2010


Finally getting into a routine during week of doc and appointments. I
rejoined weight watchers. I figured that this way I can try and keep
the sugar down while I nurse. The hunger that you feel while nursing
is pretty ravenous. I normally lose more than 2 pounds first week
which is water weight but this time I didn't as I'm drinking the 8
glasses already a day. I think it's good though to account for
everything we eat in a day. The great thing is also having it on the
iPhone as well.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rant on breast pumps

Ok, it might seem weird for a blog post but for the LOVE of all that's holy can't they come out with a breast pump with following features

1- how about an off/on switch that I can turn on and off without performing yoga expert poses with my nose, elbow, knee ?

Sewing machines have a foot pump since the 1920's why can't we have a foot pump to turn it on and off?

I don't know how many girlfriends have told me about them trying to turn on and off with knees and elbows and spilling that precious milk doing so. And we all know how upsetting dropping the liquid white gold is!

2- If I have both pumps on each breast, what third arm do you think I'm using to power this puppy on and off Mr BreastPump inventor?
Never mind 4th arm to turn the strength up ? I won't even mention the let down button.

It has now become the job of my two year old son to hit the button when it goes to the let down aka slower flow button. He hears the noise change and dashes in to 'help Mammy hit button to go back to let down quicker mode'

I'm sure the therapy he needs later on in helping Mammy pump, will be offset by the rest of the issues he gets from us ;) again foot pump people. Or even voice control? Maybe an iPhone App hah?

3 - would it hurt to have soft flexible cups instead of hard plastic. They have soft cups only on one model In 24 - the smallest size and none other. I'm not a small size. I'm not 24. Neither are most women. I'm the kind of size cup size wise where it's at least half way down the alphabet. :)

So hands free bras don't work for me for pumping and the hard cups on pumps are SO far away from an infants mouth it's hard to think who designed this but a man with serious issues re actually checking out what breast feeding actually entails and what modern materials have come into use in last say 50 years!

Right now I'm pumping with full strength on from start while I try and position my breats in middle and not get my toes yanked through my head. Never mind at night. There's another idea - night lights built in the pump.

So medela, avent, evenflo listen up. Time to rework your version of the pumps. Or maybe we just need the Dyson guy to rework breast pumps.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Playing with our etsy gift


Days so far

We are 7 weeks now with F2. Hard to imagine it's 2 months already since this wee lad came along

And it's been a roller coaster of a ride. The baby has hereditary spherecytosis which I also have but hard to see it in your own baby. Hardest part was educating the doctors and nurses. We spent 20 days in hospital , 10 at first, then 8, then 2. Included 18 days phototherapy and two transfusions.

It's been ups and downs with a lot of groundhog type days in hospital with blood drawn, doc and nurse visits all running in together.

I know could be a lot worse and we are blessed with at least knowing what we are dealing with and good family , friends and church support.

We had meals from friends, my Moms group and the church and were overwhelmed by the love,support and lovely meals and desserts!

So we also found Facebook as a great help here as well. We used it to spread word to friends and family and saved energy and our heads for F2 and F1 instead of phonecalls where we had to explain all over and over. We didn't have it when we had F1 and we saw the big difference. We felt a lot more connected than we did last pregnancy and birth