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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Finally catching up to some sleep. Having a newborn is always tiring but more so when back in hospital for another blood transfusion. Threes a charm right! It's the hereidtary spherecytosis again kicking his red blood cell level into anemia. Poor we guy was so so tired and not feeding well. We were at hospital till 2am while I held him as this small bag of blood went into him over 4 hours. He's doing much better and I was surprised to hear that the hospital that we had him in had another case of HS. Now the nurses know about it thanks to our education and stay so hopefully they can help these parents out and get them to Stanford for the right followup

Sunday morning my hubbie took the baby out and got breakfast and I slept in a bit. It was so good wish we could do that every day hah

Wishing you and yours a lovely week


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