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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Days so far

We are 7 weeks now with F2. Hard to imagine it's 2 months already since this wee lad came along

And it's been a roller coaster of a ride. The baby has hereditary spherecytosis which I also have but hard to see it in your own baby. Hardest part was educating the doctors and nurses. We spent 20 days in hospital , 10 at first, then 8, then 2. Included 18 days phototherapy and two transfusions.

It's been ups and downs with a lot of groundhog type days in hospital with blood drawn, doc and nurse visits all running in together.

I know could be a lot worse and we are blessed with at least knowing what we are dealing with and good family , friends and church support.

We had meals from friends, my Moms group and the church and were overwhelmed by the love,support and lovely meals and desserts!

So we also found Facebook as a great help here as well. We used it to spread word to friends and family and saved energy and our heads for F2 and F1 instead of phonecalls where we had to explain all over and over. We didn't have it when we had F1 and we saw the big difference. We felt a lot more connected than we did last pregnancy and birth


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