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Friday, November 06, 2009


Feeling like i should get a medical degree or at least special pregnancy badges like a girls scout at this point. Seriously. Like a vest with badges for AMA, SPD and GD

Now there's a new one. Its too long to fit on a badge though and Bit more troubling as means two stress tests a week and weekly scans and worrying about baby. Rest I can deal with as baby is fine and just me dealing with seperated pelvis etc. This one effects the baby though and it's for that part that sucks. 

Looks like I'll also have to take off work earlier than planned as in starting next week take off. Guess I'll have time to do all those baby setups

The cause of all of this. Well we did a scan today and baby was great but the doctors said my amniotic fluid is too low

i have oligohydramnios aka low amnio fluid. Baby is fine though Thank God and good size so keeping eye on me with stress tests twice a week and scans.

What it means is baby Fae might be here sooner than we want. Anyone want to come stay with us over Christmas in case we need to do an earlier hospital run than planned? 


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