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Sunday, September 13, 2009

I did it

wee lads new phrase now. So proud of himself, whether its climbing on a chair, taking off his shirt or tonight for first time - doing number one in potty. or as he likes to call it froggy poo (its a fisherprice frog potty ;-)

He was getting ready for bath and we have the pottys there so he can start getting used to just sitting on it here and at Catherines. I'm in no rush to train him - even with baby Fairy coming along, he'll be ready when he's ready. Tonight he told Daddy - I did it and proudly flushed his potty contents down the big toilet. We did a potty dance that we made up on the spot, he ran around naked happy as a clam and we did stickers after the bath. Who knows when will happen again but sure first big step. I was wondering - should I blog this but sure its a step he's taking towards being a big boy. How quickly the 2 years have flown by

More later on our trip to Florida and Arizona but for now a good night.


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