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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Minivan and news

Picked up new minivan Thursday. Told wee man we would get van then off to get some ice cream as a treat. All way to dealership, wee lad kept saying where icecream go Mammy. Gotta love that singleminded focus ;)

Friday we went to scan. Didn't see much as we weren't getting amnio done. It's a risk but I think they are over prescribed as matter of course when you're AMA (advanced maternal age!). So had to book again for 22 weeks to do anatomy check.

Saturday munchkin wanted to play instead of music so we ran errands. The DVD player in new an is a huge hit. Elmo and Thomas kept him amused after a haircut (seeing all sets of grandparents in Florida so needed haircut badly as hair of curls looked more scarecrow than cute).

Himself went and saw the international friendly soccer match saturday at candlestick park and I had a wee helper over as still difficulty walking.

The SPD has come back with a vengence and really early. My pelvis is very seperated and also twisted inwards one side according to the doc and PT. So back on walker (Zimmer frame) and also ordered work from home till it allevates. That's ok as wee distances like from my cube at work to bathroom didn't seem so long before but when every step is like walking on glass into your pelvic pubic region dear Good Grief.

Also doing Accupunture and Physical Therapy each once a week. The PT works on exercising area to help manage symptoms. The accupuncture helps with pain. It really helped as felt less pain after it last week but then had to get back to work and around and pain came back after all that hoofing around. Optimistic though that with resting it more during day that will come down significantly. Otherwise gonna be a long 24 weeks to go. :) himself and munchkin have been brilliant. Not easy having a mobile challenged Mum.

So having the extra pair hands yesterday from our 14 daughter of friend was fantatsic. While wee lad down for a nap we seriously
cleared out quarter of garage. Hubbies dream of oneday parking in there no longer a pipedream hah. She was great at running with items around house and yes we have more boxes to unpack but doing much better with fewer boxes in garage of doom.

So today off to see steam trains at Vasona park again after we grab some breakfast and get moving and I get rolling on the walker:)


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