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Monday, July 13, 2009

13 weeks

So haven't blogged in a while. I heard some comments, where have you been? Wheres the photos?

Well folks mainly because I was in the fog of first trimester. We found out in May that we were expecting again and where as last time I couldn't eat Indian food but in general was not inflicted by morning sickness, this time lost 19 pounds in those first 12 weeks. Who knew that I didn't need a diet. All I needed was to get pregnant ;-)

So with not eating in evening and running away from meat, with the general how could I be so so tired from a wee thing inside me the size of a thumbnail, blogging was left to side. Also I ended up working from home (thanks to a very understanding Boss and doctor) as we had some spotting so wanted to minimize risk. I was quite open about it to my friends and family as I figured if Baby Fairy wasn't meant to stay then I'd want their support anyway. (last pregnancy was Baby Hobbit) and this one is Baby Fairy ;-)

What amazed me was the amount of friends and family who then shared their stories both sad and happy of losing their baby or having bleeding and still keeping their wee ones. The amount of people who had miscarriages shouldn't have shocked me as my sister is a midwife and had told me one in 5 pregnancies ends without even sometimes the mother knowing as its too early. It seemed though talking it was one in 3 with some of my friends and family.

Thankfully they found our progesterone was low, gave me lovely suppositories (from a pharmacy that seriously should think of doing some creepy pharmacy thriller with devices from 1800's and strange staff (like the German man in his 50's, effeminate, a bad dyed Blondie toupee that was bouffant on his crown.. ) and anyway creepy pharmacy aside my blood work improved and so did the spotting.

Every scan though I would be convinced - well theres no heartbeat or baby has grown. Every time the lovely doc showed us a scan with a wee one that seriously is doing handstands. When its that small they use what I like to call the dildo cam. Maybe I should R rate my blog for that but there ya go folks. Thankfully now we switched last week to the normal belly ones. (which brings up that 47 oz of water for a scan where they keep asking you to pee just a little to see if they can see more is one of most uncomfortable ones I'm been through). When your bladder is that full, peeing just a little.. Well that's some serious control. Finally they let me empty it completely and I swear it was like Austin Powers Movie - I was peeing like for 15 mins..

So that's the news :-) More later but for now I'm just happy to be awake, able to eat meat and dinners again in evenings and back in the office with the hum of others talking..


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