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Monday, May 25, 2009

BBQ weekend

What a wonderful long weekend

Friday we met Paul and Ann for a pint. Nice to get out on a Friday.

Saturday himself put my swing canopy up that he got for my birthday.
Up and read two books while enjoying the shade. Later after wee mans
nap, we went to our friend Emiles place for a BBQ and a swim. Emile
cooked the most amazing lamb. Wee man chomped away on the fruit salad
and lamb. It was 6 months since we last went swimming and he loved it
which is a big relief. Be a long long summer if we couldn't go for a

Sunday morn I got to sleep in the morning. Fantastic! Then in
afternoon we were over to our dear daycare lady for a BBQ. Wee man
was slightly confused why we stayed with him. Lots of kids running
around and our wee lad running around in circles pretending to also be
chasing them. Funny watching the wee guy. Lively night but turned
cold and we put the fire on when we came home. Love the library.
Finished another book. My brain returns!

Monday let hubbie sleep in. Cooked up some breakfast. Cleared up 4
boxes from the front room. Will get there eventually! Hopefully get
some more emptied this week. Hubbie dug up the back bed. Will try and
plant down the 30 plants I have germinated in our bay window.

In the afternoon we went to our friends Ann and Paul for a brilliant
BBQ. We swam in the pool, ate the most delicious fish and had a
wonderful BBQ.

A great afternoon with good friends, that in fact summed up the whole
weekend. Sleep late, do a little, eat good food and laugh with good


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