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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting closer

So getting closer to actually moving in to the house. We have a
wonderul handman referred to us by our realtor. Julian is amazing and
not only is a workhorse but is great in getting others when he doesn't
do a certain job. It's all painted inside and now they are painting
doors and outside trim. Also painting sidewalk a nice gray instead of
the horrible teal colour that sat there. Much easier on the eyes.
Julian is busy refinishing all floorboards and replacing some old ones
and staining the hardwood again. Also laying down some carpet and
putting white baseboards down. It's a beautfiul house that just needed
some polish. We know that we couldn't do this all with working and the
baby so great to have the help.

This weekend we move in appliances and we keep on packing here in our
apt. We picked out hardware for cabinets and himself sanded and put
them on. Look amazing. He's all happy to play with his DIY kits.

A daughter of a friend of ours was laid off and she has been over
helping babysitting and packing. Last night she packed both bathrooms
in a whiz bam 1 hour. I can't remember being that fast even when I was
her age. LOL. I would stop and check out everything going into box. As
it's no memories for her she gets them in and gets going.

Photos of before during and after coming soon.

In meantime have a wonderful week


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