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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday cleaning

So Sunday morning, up early and my friend Ciara came over with her two
wee ones and a ton of boxes for packing. We had been out night before
with them and two other couples at family style dining place and had a
brilliant time. The babysitter also brought over boxes as well.

So after Safeway delivered food (I can't say enough how much that
saves me once a month in time going to shop with a wee one). Then
munchkin was down for a nap and I started to get the house sorted. I
cleaned the clutter in both bathrooms and then the kitchen. Himself
was off at new house and meeting the man there to move spa.

Then after he came home we took wee lad out on his tricycle for a
spin. He is delighted with himself and loves being pushed saying wheee
as we go. Brilliant that he loves the bike so much. He proudly says
my bike

After feeding all of us we tackled our bedroom and front room. Not so
much messy but boxes in the way. So nice to get wee man to bed after a
good splash in bath where Winnie the pooh glove wash cloth was a hit
with wee man laughing every time I did anything with the puppet face

Then we sat, relaxed, had a beer and some white cake, enjoyed our nice
clean for now house and watched last season battle star episode and
the new one. Great show but of course now we are left with even more

My folks come in today and MLK day here in states, which I have off.
So will me picking them up and can't wait to see them. They are of
course excited to see wee lad. He is such a mime and character that I
can see they will all have a brilliant week.

Have a good week folks!


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