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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years and Christmas

So we stayed here for Christmas and my new job gives out Christmas Day and day after. Its amazing what the extra day does, I feel like I'm back in Ireland and have a real family holiday. We tried to give thoughtful small gifts to each other and wee lad, knowing that we have extra bills coming with a house and we already have everything we need with each other. I got an electric blanket and books. I asked for the blanket of love as I call it as my feet are normally cold in bed and we have always said that was the unwritten vow, that hubbie has to warm my feet. Its wonderful as its a large blanket so gets all of me toasty quicker. A hot Irish woman indeed.

Himself got a lot of DIY gifts (Do It Yourself), a drill, saw, nail gun, sander and safety goggles and gloves. He is raring to go and do something with them. We have a great handyman at the house so I think himself will have to make us chairs as everything else is taken!

The books were some of the twilight series which my pal Tanya has been drooling over like a tween. She was not into fantasy books but then introduced her to the silver dragon chick books and she and her pals drool over Edward from twilight in a way that even tweens would be hard to copy ;-) They have seen the movie 4 times and she has read the books several times. Not my 26 times for Lord of the Rings but even I know that's a geek fest. She has offered to go see the movie again with me if I want. What a great friend lol. In fairness the books are good but I actually prefer the writers latest adult one The Host. I'm listening to it on audio book and the other day had a wee cry as I drove from work when one of the characters died. A good book will always do that to me. Its one of those that you love reading but hate to finish..

Anyway Christmas Day was fantastic and wee lad was excited on opening more presents but not sure why. We went to our pal Tanyas for Christmas Dinner which was brilliant as we flew out next day to Florida to see our inlaws for the New Years. A good dinner with good friends and no cooking from us. Perfect! We already went to mass night before (I know Lutherans don't call it that but 20 odd years as a Catholic are hard to erase.) I will also probably call pastor Jim Father more times then he is used to but sure he doesn't mind what he is called as long as its not too early in the morning. We had a great time at the service with wee lad sitting so nicely for first half on our knee. Then he saw that there was boys beside us and he started to run over to them and shout boy, laugh and run back. He also showed off his yoga moves for watchers nearby. It was a wonderful service with a gospel singer who put magic in your soul.

Christmas Day also brought a new addition to my family and my brother Col and wife Caro had a baby girl on Christmas Day. Magical and even more funny when you realize their oldest girl was born 6/6/06. So now balanced....

Day after Christmas (boxing day in England and St Stephens day in Ireland) we went to Florida. This was first flight where he was mobile. We did the first flight in two parts. He slept first leg for two hours and second leg he watched some wiggles minus the music as he is too young for headphones, sat on my lap, hubbies, discovered opening and closing window blind was fun and slept of course then only as we were getting off flight. Southwest was great and we had a spare seat for him we bought which was great as flights were packed. They lost our car seat as never made plan (we gate checked it!) but they gave us a loaner and after several days they found it and we said send back to San Jose and we will get there. We had it strapped to a trolley that you pull it along and was wonderful as a mini buggy in airport. They gave us $75 credit for losing it and were very nice about it. Thankfully they had a toddler car seat on other end so we didn't mind much. They also managed to crush hubbies golf bag at one end. Its made of steel and looks like spocks coffin on star trek movies. Hard to see how they did that but they said go buy a new one and bring both in and they gave him money for the new one. Cant say fairer than that.

So all that excitement over we got picked up by his parents and using our google maps found a diner on way home as we were all hungry and couldn't decide where to eat. Also google saved us as we were stuck trying to think of Philip Hoffmans name while driving so saved us a couple of hours of Oh God whats his name again? I even remembered his role in scent of a woman but couldn't remember his name.... The diner was fun and had 70's music playing. We discovered that our wee lad loves to dance to 70's and in the high chair he started moving his shoulders and waving his head side to side. New one for us and loves the attention of course.

Grandparents were thrilled to see him and so were the two small dogs. They have one tiny Yorkshire and one miniature so small small. Not small enough for wee lad who was scared of them for a couple of days and finally warmed up to them by end of week putting his hand out so Jack the 4 pound 4 year old could lick his fingers. Although wee lad kept calling Jack a kitty. He didn't get how a dog could be that small. It didn't help with his fright of them that hubbies Aunt arrived with her three small dogs next day after we came for dinner. Seriously 5 dogs running amok. They came again by end of week and although wee lad was wary which is a good thing, he wasn't throwing himself against us to be picked up.

We had a fantastic relaxing week surrounded by good food his Mum made, to good weather to sit by the pool. We got wee lad a green turtle pool alarm and made sure he didn't go near pool except with us. He went swimming twice and first time not a fan but second time got into it again. Have to get him swimming again in summer. He stayed on California time for night going to bed late but up early with Florida sun. So he went down for more naps during day to make up. We went to the park and beach and was brilliant to just unwind. Work had forced a close for 4 days and most companies had in Bay Area so we were very lucky to just relax and have a great family vacation.

We had some paper chasing fun on holiday when our loan brokers called and told us we needed to get a whole selection of items in one day for our loan before the next day end of year. So a scramble on phone, email, fax and at one point taking a photo of my drivers license on ground on patio with iPhone so that the bank could send copies of all our of checks to our broker for a year in rent. My boss even did the verification of employment from not only his house but up to Kinkos as his fax was broken. We got it all in and thankfully we have iPhone, email and fax to get items in no matter where we are.

Flight back was grand with wee lad still not discovering you can run up and down the aisles. We figure hold that one for March when we go to Ireland. My folks are heading over here and back again on way to and from New Zealand so we will use those extra hands on flight back with them :-) Also good time for wee lad to meet all his cousins as last time he was 3 months and couldn't run around like he can now. Sure he will love and be completely overwhelmed like most kids.. We will do a night at the Glendalough Hotel and celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Cant believe its been 5 years this year since I met hubbie. Its just whizzed by.

So we came back to hear we did have a new house that should close by Jan 15th (closed Jan 16th but since that's the night Battle Star Galactica came back on keep that as a sign!) and everyone nice and relaxed. We look forward to adventures in 09 and wish you and all your loved ones a very happy blessed New Year!


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