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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


So a wee light came on my SUV. I saw it come on then go off, then come on. So I ignored it of course till I got a nudge from that angel on my shoulder saying you should get that looked at, what if its important. Unlike a noise where you can turn on the radio to drown, you cant ignore unless you use masking tape......

So brought it to my Midas guys who said they couldnt get the code off the engine and to bring it to the dealer. Being allergic to being ripped off I brought it to a mechanic that had lots of great recommendations on www.yelp.com. Mike from Larsons Mechanics was fantastic and no he didn't fix my car. He checked it out, said he had a similar problem on his trail blazer and that after 10 hours and a new part the light didn't go off and this was one he recommended going to the dealer... he didnt charge me for checking it out either. I'll be going there again!

So after all that I dropped it off at the dealer. I'll be a weeks paycheck hit for fixing it but at moment cheaper than new car payment (and when you are house hunting they warn you not to get a car loan in middle of it..) so string and tape I'll be fixing this baby as long as I can.

On plus side my boss recommended looking up for coupons and I found one for 5% off service so I save $45 from what I would have paid. Which will pay for a couple of weeks gas now that prices of petrol are $2 mark.

So cross fingers toes and all that I can that be a while yet before she needs another mechanic visit.


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