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Sunday, November 16, 2008


So Thursday was feeling bit queasy. Friday went into work still feeling off. Next thing you know it was lunch and I was avoiding eating as still felt bit off. Then I got that feeling that I needed to be in the bathroom really really quickly. I went as fast as I could but missed the cubicles and unfortunately threw up all over the bathroom. That's not even the worse of it. When I realized I had to throw up some more. So I went to the bathroom and thats of course when everyone started to come in to use the ladies after their lunch. But all they see is a trail of paper towels on the floor and all the cubicles blocked at their doors by said accident and the only one thats free is the one I am in throwing up still.

Then of course I'm thinking I have to get this cleaned up while I yak some more. So I call my boss from the bathroom and ask him to put in a ticket to facilities to get it all cleaned up. Sadly it was a bug we all had and hubbie had spent the day trying not to throw up himself but having to go to the loo 6 times. So off I went home early after closing the 12th floor bathroom... Stayed in bed for the weekend with wonderful hubbie taking care of munchkin who thankfully didnt get it as bad.

On the plus side I did lose 5 pounds that weekend. However now I am known as the lady who closed the ladies room....


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