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Monday, September 29, 2008

whizzing around

Wee lad went from walking to whizzing around - taking now strides across the living room floor. He walks more when hes outside though as he still isn't keen on the feel of grass when crawling :)

He got very shy this weekend though. We had friends over Saturday night for BBQ and he clung to my leg and Dads until he felt like playing. Also at my mate Ciaras yesterday as well he just wanted to hang out at my side then with the babies right beside us on the floor. He still is a wee joker but right now I think all these developmental changes have him wanting to be close and near us and that's grand. He cuddled into me and fell asleep and I kissed the top of his sweet head. I love being a Mum!

On a lighter note another friend asked us did we have his hair cut into the mohawk look. No people! He's just still got not that much hair except one big section in middle so he's a natural punk. I could do a combover with it but then he'd look like John McCain or Donald Trump. I don't know which one is scarier..


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