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Thursday, September 25, 2008


So if you know anything about Republicans here they are very keen on their strict
Economic policy:
Republicans emphasize the role of corporate and personal decision making in fostering economic prosperity. They support the idea of individuals being economically responsible for their own actions and decisions. They favor a free market, policies supporting business, economic liberalism, and fiscal conservatism but with higher spending on the military. A leading economic theory advocated by modern Republicans is supply-side economics.

So no bailing out folks, businesses or interfering with free markets

Unless you're a huge bank that pays their CEO $450 MILLION dollars a huge bailout to save them.

Why are we going to elect another republican again? Its their deregulation of the markets that got us into this mess in first place. Don't get me wrong - I like John McCain as a senator. As a president I don't think he will be able to move his party away from the pork hogging and changing rules when appropriate. And never mind about his VP Sarah Palin. That's just too scary to consider. Shes just a code blue from being president. Seriously. McCain would be oldest president ever and those are not fighting odds. She has nice hair and took her 7 colleges to graduate, now isn't that scary.


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