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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

4 day weekends

So had a wonderful long weekend. Chilled Friday night and Saturday we rearranged Hobbits room. Why? Well because he had taken back to bending the blinds so he could see out... Reminds me of a neighbour we had in Ireland. Her blinds were always pulled back and if you DARED step into her garden to get back the ball/stick/lost sister that wandered into there she was out in a flash shouting get ooot of me garden, gerra off the roses... Well maybe not in a thick thick Dublin accent as she pretended she was posh but you get the drift.

Us wanting to get back some deposit whenever we leave this place we moved his crib to other side of room away from the blinds. Aha foiled again! However then he showed us also how well he can jump up and down in his crib as well. Mr destructo boy...

Friday night also took munchkin near the cat lounging on our grass outside the house. Very friendly white cat and of course wee lad is shrieking and saying meow or his attempt at it. He was so excited he took two steps on his own towards the cat - forgetting of course that he doesn't walk yet. He was grand though and then sat on his bum. Happy that the cat was near him.

Also on Friday there was a HUGE box of musical instruments from Ciara for his birthday. Called your own band in a box and it was. There was drum sticks, recorder, harmonica, shakers etc - she got it for us as she couldn't resist getting that much noise for us in one box. This is of course as well as the small piano that my brother and his wife got us and the hand bells (8 of them) (At the piano he stands up and bangs on them like Elton John - all he needs are bad shades..). Of course he had already got two guitars, drums and two xylophones... So Friday we sat around and had our own little drum circle. Who needs burning man anyway. And we all drummed and played for 40 minutes - wee lad too who was loving it. He obviously gets the musical gene from his Dad, my family may be musical but I was asked to leave the choir.. And religion class too but that's another story..

Saturday night our wonderful mate Tanya babysat and we fled to the http://www.watercourseway.com
- 8 private hot tub rooms - ours was in a Turkish style with hot tub, cold plunge and steam room. Himself tried the cold plunge. No thank you kindly. I'll take the lobster hot water and wrinkle like a prune instead

Sunday morning we went to Effies with our friend Kyler who was staying over. Kyler was playing a house show and her music is fantastic http://www.kylerengland.com/. Her music has been showcased on TV show Army Wives and other shows. we went for a stroll - and turned back not long into it. Munchkin wasn't wanting to go too far and the stroller wasn't comfy enough to nap in so we chilled and relaxed.

Monday I got to rest in bed a bit more and hubbie had Gandalf. We had a nice day still clearing out spaces and making a music space in office for himself. Then we hit Rock Brewery Restaurant for some dinner.

Things we have noticed.

  • Our kid can now throw food at least 3 feet away.
  • No matter whats on his plate - even if same on yours - yours is what he wants
  • Everything is pointed to with a yummy yummy sound. Even if its water
  • He likes water
  • Water in sippy cups are not spill proof no matter what the labels say
  • He likes water
  • He likes the icing on carrot cake that Mammy had and licked the spoon so much I thought he might wear down the plastic..
So that was the weekend and now its a 4 day week. Yeah! Don't you wish every Monday was off as well..


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