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Monday, August 11, 2008

now it goes now it doesnt

So had some car trouble when I was off the week before starting new job. That's the time to have it right! So I asked Midas guys to take a look. Been bringing my car to them for years now and happy with their service as they will tell me if it needs something

The issue was just first thing in morning car was having trouble starting. When started was fine and no problem rest of day

Brought it over - was fine. No problem. So I left it overnight to see if they had same issue as me. Nope. Started fine. Maybe its battery - they said its grand - a little low but fine. I said sure its 5 years old swap it out. (Want to point out they didn't think it was but did it after my asking)

Started fine for me for 3 days then started again. This time was afternoon and wouldn't start at all. (was first time that day). So I walked over to Enterprise - rented a car and car seat and picked munchkin up and next morning called AAA to come tow my SUV to Midas

AAA came at 8am with big yellow tow truck. Explained issue again and he said why don't we try starting it. He started it on first go. So he left and plan was for me to drive over, himself in car behind me and drop off at Midas

I got in car and started - no starting car. Called AAA again

Another AAA guy came with even bigger yellow tow truck. I told him what happened. He tried to start car and of course it started first go...

So he was nice enough and said I will tow it over for you. Driving it into street and then pulling on truck. When he started it again I noticed something

Wait a minute I said.. (shouting from rental car window).. Did you put your foot on gas when you started it. No he said - it doesn't need that as its a newer car automatic they have fuel pump that does that for you. Well I do I said and I think that's the issue.

So brought to Midas and they started it of course no issue

Wait I said, try starting with your foot on gas.. And sure enough wouldn't start. For about a year my gas gauge broken - they told me expensive to fix so left it and just kept an eye on how many miles i did. Well turns out the float in fuel pump was gone so when I put my foot on gas blocked it and wouldn't start. Unfortunately wasn't a case of just not doing that - fuel pump on its way out and if I hadn't driven like that would have probably gone while I was driving and engine would have been really screwed..

So now all good. New fuel pump. She starts fine and I am leaving my foot off gas when it starts.. Just in case...


At 2:52 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

I'm so glad you were able to figure that out. What a relief to have it fixed and raring to go again.


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