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Monday, August 11, 2008

where did that week go?

So started new job last week - company that sells online meetings, virtual communications so companies can do collaborative work - web and then you have an ex beside it. they were bought over last year by cis co so the benefits are fantastic. First week typical madness - I have training all this week and last week I had pre-training. Part of which was watching all the online training videos for the products we have, so 22 hours of video. Also listened in to lots of calls of my team mates. Its nice being in an office again after being home so long.

So I get up now at 630, then feed munchkin and get ready myself to be in for 8 at the office. Not bad since its about 20-25 min away. Without traffic in morning its 15.Himself then gets wee lad up and brings him over to Catherine's for the day and then I pick him up on way home. He's in a much better mood for Daddy since I feed him early which is great.

He's doing great though - he stood up on his own at music two weeks ago, stood there for about 5 seconds before he realized he wasn't holding onto me. Hes stood up a few times now for me, again at music (now Saturday so I can take him) and at daycare but himself hadn't seen it yet

Well yesterday we were at an Irish Garden Party for the Irish Consulate here in Bay Area. Very posh duo. Ladies with hats on, himself had asked me did he need a morning suit, I laughed said we weren't British and meeting the Queen. So nice but not over the top. Golf nice he decided and he fit right in. Ladies were in summer dresses. There was another weelad 14 months that our wee lad played with (played at this age being a very loose term). They passed over a cup of ice back and forth and shared a liga biscuit :-) Our wee lad finally showed his Da that he could stand up and was standing a few times for more than 30 seconds. Very happy with himself and then he sat on his bum and the other lad laughed so much that our lad kept doing it to make him laugh. Guess we have the class clown...


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