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Friday, July 25, 2008

dead sea diet

So I have found out the new easy way to lose weight... I can see this becoming HUGE on Oprah and all those shows..

First cook a pork curry - chopping up the pork, add onions, cummin, curry powder, paprika, and simmer till it smells fantastic and makes your mouth water..

Now add onion salt thinking its onion - make sure you add a lot in - dont be skimpy there with that onion salt.

Still smells great so dig in..

Wait its inedible from all that onion salt

Congratulate yourself. You just made your first dead sea salt diet food.

Its the new way to diet. Just make something that smells great but you cant actually eat. I can feel the pounds dropping off me now..

(PS - we ended up eating two small chocolate cakes afterwards as we were both still hungry.. If I had added onion salt to those maybe would have worked for the diet as well...)


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