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Friday, July 18, 2008

spring cleaning - the delayed version

So finally got around to organizing wee mans room, cleaning out clothes that no longer fit his wee toosh, emptying out the wardrobe, drawers and cleaning off the bed.

How am I getting this all done you may ask. Well with the wonderful help of Niamh our caretakers wonderful daughter who is coming over to my house after I work and pick up wee lad and entertaining him so that I can get some cleaning in. Her younger brother Christopher has also come over and is a great kid as well - so helpful and wee lad just loves both of them, he loves climbing all over Christopher who lets our wee lad bite at his nose and is so patient with him. Also I think at the end of the few hours they enjoy playing on the Wii, and I wish I had half no, just one tenth of the energy that boy has for running on the Wii Fit..

And the great part is I'm getting more done in that hour and half time frame then I probably would if I had all day. Its like a race to get as much done as I can. Even himself has got into the race, coming back from work last night and using his new 'stud finder' to put the baby gate more firmly into the wall and putting last piece up against the bookshelves.. Nice thing is then we still have some time with wee lad before bed, then we have dinner and can relax feeling less guilty after doing some work around the house.

So for a couple of weeks while we have some extra help - I plan to try and get all those jobs off the list!

So Next is the Office! - however if I use a rope tied around me so I don't get lost in there I think most of you will understand


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