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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So wee lad is copying us now

bookkk - is new word (tear to my eye on that one with books so big in our lives.., apillll seems to be apple,
theres also hello a few times,
yeah yeah is this weeks new one
and bababa which means milk or soother depending on his need
and this week he picked up the toy telephone and yammered into it.
yayayayabahdadad yeah yeah he said to phone
Guess I do that then....

He also has his signs for light, fan, milk, more, want, finished and he pointed to his favorite waitress Mahassa at Effies on Sunday, melting her heart and ours.

And I was wrong re the teeth - there was 4 coming down at once on top so now 6. Which puts him well above the curve compared to toothless baldy me at the same age... (and I was still pretty toothless and baldy till age 2 I will freely admit...)

If you saw how he attacked a rice cake (which we call cookie as I'm happy enough to steal that lesson from my sister Fiona) with his front teeth you'd go hide all your steaks...

Also sometimes his folks (that be us) aren't the brightest. He was crying on the highchair while Dad was feeding him at weekend, we thought he was finished and kept saying sign finish - are you finished? Finally i took the tray off and unbuckled the strap and he tried to put the strap back on...

OK says silly parent - now I get it - you want more and handed him some vegetable puffs.. His crocodile tears turned to smiles and he started laughing..

I really do think they are laughing at us....


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