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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

now this is how to travel!

So rose early this morning and we grabbed the coast starlight train from San Jose to Santa Barbara. The train was late which I was warned happens a lot but SO worth the wait. One- the Amtrak folks are friendly. Yes really friendly!
Two - we did the right thing by getting a bedette sleeper coach. As I type wee man is asleep lying on other seat which lays flat like a mini bed, I am comfy on my oversized chair that reclines, looking out at the beautiful California countryside, hubbie is in parlor car enjoying a swivel armchair, coffee and a book, and wine and cheese tasting is later this afternoon! Staff attendant came by to have us pencil in lunch and we just moved it to 145 since munchkin is fast asleep. The rocking of train will have me asleep soon as well. Above my head is the bunk bed (plenty of head room though underneath, you dont even notice it above you) so that we can take a proper nap later.

Now only if this train went high speed to Florida and underwater like the Euro Chunnel to Ireland and we'd be set!

I will post photos later. After I figure how to do that on iPhone. :)


At 2:01 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

I'll hold you to the promise of train pics! That sounds like a blast!

At 7:16 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

I'm guessing you're still on vacation...and I hope you'll forgive me for not getting in touch to see you while I was up in your neck of the woods again. To be honest I just want to rush back home and pretend this whole trip never happened.
We'll probably be back though...for tests later on, and in better spirits...and we'll need to let the kids play and us grown ups chat again!
Safe journey back on the train!


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