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Thursday, June 26, 2008


So wee man has been talking up a storm, pointing at objects and sometimes shocking us by saying a word crystal clear, which of course we don't hear again for another week.

Said bye bye when waving bye to Catherine his wonderful caretaker, said hello and light for Dad and myself. Book yesterday for Catherine's son and my favorite - when we were at Standford and they were singing O MacDonald farm - they said the cow says and Fionn said Moo... Which floored us all and of course was probably a complete coincidence.

He loves pointing to lights and tries to say light and fan (which comes out ban) - most of the time its bada bada dor and he looks at you quite seriously while he says this expecting you to go - but of course - that makes that whole string theory of the cosmos finally fit the general theory of relativity..

Anyways fun times, his new game is also roaring like a lion while crawling around and if you crawl around too and roar he laughs out loud.

Although the church folks on Sunday probably didn't get the lion reference while he decided to do it after the choir finished a song. He loves to sing so was busy going la la la and waving his hand in a musical way when the song finished and he brought it to a crescendo by going ROAR.. Maybe he's a hand clapping arm throwing Baptist.... Although I'm going for a funny 10 month old kid who has a wicked sense of humor. Wonder where he got that from...


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