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Saturday, June 14, 2008

for the geek who has it all

So my sister Grainne gets me.. She may make copious amounts of fun at my expense for my geekish ways but she does get me. Her hubbie is in same camp as myself and mine. One time at work he told boss that he had to take a religious holiday, sure said his boss, you never take any time off but I have to say I know that you're an aethist - you told me so. Yep said Chris - new release of the old Star Wars movies starts today.. So yep they get us

So big parcel came last week and inside was my VERY OWN Doctor Who Dalek Voice Changer Helmet.

From the advertising - Now you can speak like a Dalek, play Dalek phrases or the exterminator sound effect using the 3 activation buttons.

*Button 1- Dalek Phrases

*Button 2- Exterminator sound effect

*Button 3- Dalek voice changer

Excellent ! And of course I put it on while talking to hubbie and baby who laughed as I said peek a boo in a Dalek voice... How much fun is that! How sad and geeky and am I... Of course now we have to get a Dr Who Tom Baker scarf made for the wee man for Halloween and a Cyber Man Costume for Daddy...


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