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Thursday, May 29, 2008


So tomorrow we have
  • Music together class at 1030 - in which we had to make up a verse instead of the one in the song - a peanut sat on a track his heart all a flutter, along came train number 10 - whoot whoot peanut butter! Mine is an apple jumped on the railroad track trying to be higher, along came train number 10, whoot whoot apple cider!
  • Then nap time for wee man - he's usually ready for it by then
  • Hopefully while he naps I can do the planned conference call
  • Then my mate Ciara comes over lunch time with clothes for the wee man and toys that her lad has outgrown. Some of the toys are ones I had given to them from another friend passing to me (ya gotta love fisher price - they last forever),
  • Then over to a friend from Mommys group for hanging out at 4ish
  • Back home for bath time and getting ready to hand over to hubbie
  • Then off to bar for a cosmo before meeting two girl friends to watch Sex in the City

I wont be wearing Carrie Bradshaw type shoes to do the above but I will be wearing my softwalk that I got on Zappo that are super duper comfy and tres moi (brown oxford slip ons/mary jane kind of shoes). Wish I could see Movie with all my mates, especially with my sisterchick in NY but she and other friends are there in spirit.

I joke that I never had such a social life until I became a Mum. I wasn't joking... ;-) Have a good weekend folks


At 3:24 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

Definitely there in spirit!! Have an extra cosmo for me. I'll be seeing it tomorrow (it's already completely sold out here today, spanning other boroughs!-- I'm still not used to that). We'll have to compare notes ;)


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