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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The teeth are here!

Right on cue - on the Saturday , wee man's teeth started to pop through. Just in time for Grandparents.
He is still just crawling backwards and commando style trying to crawl forwards but whizzing around the room backwards now. (Maybe like a New Jersey driver who are only allowed to make right hand turns at major intersections ...) Saturday morning we headed to Cracker Barrel country store and restaurant to eat before leaving my folks to the airport and Jans folks headed west back home. It was a fantastic week, we had wee man in baby pool or indoor pool nearly every day and had such a relaxing week. Was brilliant to have both set of grandparents there and will probably be a few weeks before wee man gets used to not having 6 adults around him laughing at everything he does. (Latest trick after Grandad Mac laughed very hard at him doing it is spitting food everywhere after eating it to get a reaction...) So now I sit like nothing happened while I am covered in sweet potato or whatever mush is that dinner trying not to give a reaction at all. Thankfully its diminished somewhat ;-)
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