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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

55 years

Will blog more later but for now I am in Daytona Beach Florida with my parents who just flew in from Ireland, my hubbie, the wee man and my hubbies parents who just came down today. The reason? Apart from a wonderful wee break at a 3 bedroom apt in a resort with 6 pools 4 hot tubs and spa on site. Plus with its own lazy river ( and those tires are a lot easier to watch other folks get on and out off then doing it yourself or even trying with your Mum! But more later on that )

The reason is hubbies parents are 55 years married on Friday. 55 years. That's just amazing. So celebrating week with them and of course they are all travelling to see not me or hubbie if course, but the wee man who is having a blast being doted on by two set of grandparents.

My Mum has a sign in her house that grandchildren are the gift for not strangling your kids. The way he's been spoiled that sign is very true.

55 years folks. Still in awe of that. Hopefully in far distant future I'll be celebrating mine but at a hotel on the moon, ( with space travel being so common by then.) I can hope space travel as routine will come to pass even for us common folks ;) (that train of thought after being at Kennedy Space Center all day).

Anyway wish them well folks. 55 years married to same person in this day and age nothing to sneeze at. Carol and Mickey congrats. Hope my marriage is as long and happy.


At 9:11 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

Wow! Congratulations to them! Have a great Florida vacation!


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