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Monday, May 05, 2008


So wee man is 8 and newly half months old.

He said DaDa this weekend much to our cheesy grins

Still no teeth but they look like two mini hills on front gum. You can see whom outline of teeth in gums but not coming through. Poor wee mite has Mamas teeth. Although since I have no cavities and still 5 baby teeth left at tender age of 36 and a bit then I think he'll be OK.

Hair is growing in nicely all over. Mainly blond and auburn. Has a big bald spot at back. Hopefully grow in eventually or we'll have to grow him into sys admin haircut.

Rocking on all 4 and now going backwards and no forwards yet but commando style and rolling around in earnest.

Standing also with more balance and now chomping down 4 to 5 meals a day.

Only 6 more days now and we hang out with both set of grandparents in Daytona Beach for week. Really looking forward to it. Nor so much the flight but seeing my folks and Jans. They both haven't seen wee man for months.

Have a great week folks and enjoy the weather where ever you are


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