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Monday, May 05, 2008

Real BBQ

Saturday night we had families over from church for dinner for 8. Hubbie decided to have some real North Carolina BBQ. So he shipped in pulled pork, Brunswick stew, hush puppies and East and West BBQ sauce. North Carolina is divided into what kind of sauce you like on your pork. Also pork is the BBQ meat of choice. We did an informal dinner, with ribs, coleslaw, buns and of course sweet and unsweetened ice tea. So much less stressful than last one. The folks were as lovely as last dinner but since we just reheated food and also no big set up it was lot easier for us. Also lot less stress for me as hubbie did all the organizing and set up. Also he took munchkin in morning so I could have a sleep in both days. Did I mention how wonderful he is? Yep got myself a keeper.

We also saw Nims Island at the cinema while wee man was at babysitter. Good movie to catch. Jodi Foster is funny and its great to see her play such a range of characters.

Saturday night was so nice to sit and chat with some amazing folks. I must say the more folk we get to meet from Prince of Peace the more we are thankful we found it. Although one thing was funny was that one of our guests had read our blogs before coming over and loved Jans rendition of a telly and changing channels on his resume profile. You know you're in silicon valley when folks read your blog before meeting you. Although maybe sign of times as my Mum said to me on phone that she was surfing the web looking for some shoes. How times change so fast. I remember when there was no email, blogs or shopping online. Now my nieces see an amazon box and say Auntie S just sent us something , they think I own the company. Amount I spent there last couple years might as well be LOL.

So surf away dear folks and thanks for stopping to paddle on the water here.


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