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Monday, April 14, 2008


So Friday started with wee man at Music Together at our local community center in Campbell. I was expecting a lady with a guitar and some nursery rhymes to tell the truth. Far from it. It was really great. Lots of songs that worked on tone as well as rhythm. Wee man loved it. Very interactive for Mums as well as the kids. They give you CD, songbook as well as wee book on what their teaching philosophy is. That everyone has musical ability, built into us with our heartbeat to the way we walk. And teaching at young age helps them to become music savvy, tone and rhythm. Its a good thing as most schools here don't have music anymore to the extent they used to. Also at homes - those old days of sitting around a piano or guitar are few in between.

The best bit is that the wee man hasn't stopped singing all weekend after the class Friday. We had a mate Lauren come down for a visit afterwards with her wee man who's a wee pumpkin. And she was saying wow he just talks and sings non stop. We had to say well hes a chatterbox but even we were blown away how much he was singing and chatting away. La La La - he's trying the whole range of his voice now. Simon Cowell eat your heart out. We have the singing baby here..


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