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Thursday, April 03, 2008

my name is S and I'm addicted to Tivo

So we have two Tivos in our house - three actually but only two hooked up. For those who don't know - Tivo is a DVR device so you can record TV shows with no tape, pause live TV.

What makes Tivo different from others is that based on what you tape and watch it suggests things. You can give programs thumbs up or thumbs down so it also recommends based on those.

I find that sometimes I watch a TV show once and don't get into it. Then along comes Tivo and I like a cat fish hooked on the bait get dragged into watching a whole new series on repeats that Tivo has decided I might like.

First it was Deep Space 9, Voyager, then Angel, then Buffy, now Monk and StarGate series. Even got himself into watching a few of them as we sit and chill at night. It was damn handy during writers strike that the shows I watched weren't waiting for new episodes..

Normally that's OK and I watch only rarely as with a wee 7 month baby spending time with him is much more fun. Yesterday though I had a weird day so ended up watching all my Tivo suggestions till there were none. Surprised I don't have those TV shaped eyes were warned about getting as kids if we sat too close. Or was that crossing eyes and getting them stuck like that if the wind changed...

So I now have to wait till Tivo fills up again. And 3 years ago I had no cable TV and didn't miss it at all. Now I'd probably have to have the Tivo box wrenched from my arms. Is there a Tivo patch for tivoaddicts.?


At 3:01 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

thanks for the warning. My husband wants a tivo...or something like it. I've been resisting.

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Diary of an Irish Woman said...

its grand for not missing shows and skipping all those ads on tv. but yes it can be very addictive.


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