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Thursday, March 20, 2008

doing a Pauline

So my Mum is brilliant. Brilliant Mammy and at moment is in NY with Dad after a trip last month to New Hampshire and month before that Australia. She's treating her sister who just turned 30 (twice ;-) to a trip to NY. As she says there's no brinks truck following a hearse. (those armored vans at banks). She also says a shroud has no pockets so might as well enjoy it here.

She also has this habit of guessing the ending to thrillers, mysteries, whodunnits etc at the start of the movie. When I was in Ireland me and her ended up turning into a TV movie or show also near the end of it and it became a game to guess what had happened so far, who was guilty and how they did it. When everyone else was confused by the movie Usual Suspects my Mum said - he did and etc right at the start..

Funny thing is that even though she can deduce who did it like a modern day Agatha Christie we still have surprised her many an occasion for birthday and anniversary's with no clue by her. Once I flew back for a cousins reception and surprised them meeting them up north in a hotel. I came over and pretended to take their drink order. My Dad recognized my voice looked up and laughed having finally caught him (he's nearly impossible to surprise). My Mum kept looking at the menu telling me she was deciding what to have and finally after I said Mam! She looked up and said wow I thought that voice was familiar...

Anyways - where was I.. Yes guessing the end of movies.. So now I find myself watching medium and first 10 minutes I guess what Alison's dream means and who did it and how. Then we watch a movie and I go aha! and tell hubbie how it was done. Thankfully he doesn't seem to mind. (that or he is listening like a real husband and only hears every 2nd word really anyway...)

So folks say they become their mothers. So guess I have but when I go Aha at the telly, now we say I'm doing a Pauline. Wonder will folks be able to surprise me as easily as we do my Mum..


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