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Monday, March 31, 2008

whoosh and wee

So brought wee man to YMCA for a swim on Friday. First we had been to Effies where wee man and us got spoiled by staff. Theres a waitress there who just dotes on him and loves to get a cuddle in and she fed him his peaches while I munched on yummy gyro platter. That yogurt sauce is so good I could eat my shoe probably if it was dipped enough it in. Always reminds me of living in NY - good Greek diners with the yummy dishes. So after some photos and a good cuddle where wee man flirted with waitress by extending his hand so she could kiss it and he could laugh and repeat we headed off the to Y and hubbie went back home to code.

All geared up and ready to go, turns out the Y was closed for swimming with new filters being put in. Bah Humbug..

So Friday night down went wee man for sleep and we watched 6 Torchwood episodes one after another.. Great show and good to catch up.

Saturday we got up all lazily and dropped wee man off to babysitting for afternoon and we hit Barnes and Nobles before heading to see Run Fat Boy Run. Another great Brit comedy starring Simon Pegg (from Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). It was given bad rep by American Critics who I have decided just dont get British type comedies at all. It was very funny and a good Sat Afternoon.

We picked up wee man then went down to Steves 40th birthday BBQ at Ciaras house. Great to see them and Ciaras neighbors Audrey, Kirstin etc. Such a friendly bunch. I would love to live in their cul de sac. Its like having neighbors where I grew up. People in each others houses, swapping dinners, cups of tea, folks babysitting for each other while you ran out on errands. I love where we live in Campbell, so near everything and we love this apartment - its huge for an apartment and cheaper than most. But apart from one or two neighbors that are friendly its not a friendly neighbourhood. Also lots of traffic so not as safe as their dead end street.

Sunday I slept in thanks to wonderful Hubbie who took wee man till 12. Hubbie then went off golfing with lads from work and we attempted to go the Y again. Lessons I learned. Put me in swimsuit before you go. Wee man doesn't have the patience in strange place for Mummy to get her clothes off and kit on.. Put wee man in his costume as well. The noise was scaring him at the pool and we were in a changing room with a mat but trying to get on his new baby swimsuit made of Neoprene. (imagine trying to get leather pants on without talc...) Then trying to get on his wee lifejacket - all while giving him cuddle, some milk and trying to get your own swimsuit on.

However we did it. While not thrilled at start of swimming by end he was smiling as I whooshed him in water in wee circles beside me. I was down to my chest. The water was about to his belly as the lifejacket was making him pop up like a cork. He was enjoying it though and so was I. Another first and we'll be back again. This time with our swimsuits on before we go...


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