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Monday, March 31, 2008


So wee man moved into his own room and own big crib Thursday night.

He had got well just too big for the co-sleeper. He was too long and now that he moves around the bed at night he was waking himself up banging arms, legs and head on the sides and corners. He was waking for feeds mainly because he had woke himself up. His crib however doesn't come through the door without a full taking apart action so decided time to go to his own bed and I would sleep in that room first night to check on him.

So he went down after a nice bath and did really well. (We don't say out loud directly about sleeping through the night, because as soon as you do- then they stop as the baby gods laugh at you.)

How did I do though? Thursday night I slept in the room so could tiptoe and see him. I slept so so as that bed is like rocks to me. Which is funny because everyone who stays loves it.

Friday night though he was on his own and we were in our bed. I had the video monitor beside my head so I could see him, the baby movement monitor on so I could hear him and we slept like babes in the wood till 7am.

The night before though got a bit weepy. This was such a big step for me. He has slept in that co-sleeper right beside my head and heart since he came home with us. Even when I went back to work part-time and he went to daycare I didn't get weepy. I think that was more of my milestone than his. Also I was so busy when I went back trying to keep all the customers happy who had missed me that I didn't have time to reflect. But Thursday night I could and I did. We mused about his growing out of clothes so quickly. How he loves to sit up and roll around now. All steps in his independence. And sleeping in his own crib and room, my wee man was taking a huge step. He did great though all weekend. And yes he is no longer so close to my head at night but he is always close to my heart.


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