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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

great songs great band

So one of Hubbies mates is Kyler England. She's been named one of the hottest unsigned artists last year, won countless songwriting contests across states and her songs are on guiding light TV show for anyone who watches the show. Forget American Idol crapola. This is a real singer who writes her own songs. Not manufactured barbies and kens from Simon Cowells - well bottom really.

So Kyler is fracking brilliant. (Nod to BSG there).. So check out her songs and Kyler at www.kylerengland.com

Hubbie had a hand in her website so ahem it rocks. Yes don't hate her when you see the site - Kyler is even better looking in person and is also sound as a pound (Dublin speak for grand and bloody brilliant) - although maybe they say sound as a Euro now ? .... She's brilliant, nice a person as you could meet, and a wee angel. That and she sings and writes her own songs. If she wasn't so lovely we'd probably gang up on her ;-)

But shes also now joined up with two other brilliant artists to host a supergroup

Well worth checking out - their music is the kind that later you'll be saying - yeah but I was into them WAY before anyone else.



At 4:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also knew Kyler from college. She's ultra-talented and her music is recommended. But honestly, the chick is so full of herself (unless she's matured) that the word self-confidence doesn't even begin to describe what many observed as a great, magnificent self-love.

I wish her well with a dose of humility tonic.

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Diary of an Irish Woman said...

I think its funny that this comment was left by anon. No balls to leave their name. Kyler has stayed in my house as a guest and has to be one of the most humble musicians I know. If I could sing, write my own songs, play guitar like she can I'd have a head so big you couldn't get me thru doors. However thats not Kyler. One of most real folks I know and folks know me. I dont pull any punches. The comment above sounds like someone fancied the lovely lady and couldn't get time of day. Thats not being full of herself that's having taste folks

At 1:45 AM, Blogger The Hiking Viking said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 10:03 PM, Blogger The Hiking Viking said...

what kind of festering wound prompts someone to leave a back-handed compliment like this, 10 years after kyler left the triangle? and can i assume i know you, too, from raleigh?

in college, kyler put us all to shame with her combination of raw talent and genuine decency off-stage. many have had unrequited crushes on her, and her fans far outnumber her real friends, but that's the nature of anyone pursuing a life onstage.

if you've talked to her at all, you know how genuinely friendly she is. if you know her any deeper than that, you know how humble and self-critical she really is. and if you don't know much about the (long) path she's taken since she left raleigh, well, it doesn't seem very fair to be making character judgments now, then, does it?


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