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Sunday, April 27, 2008

San Jose Giants

Saturday we went to San Jose Giants minor league baseball game with Fionn and our friends Fiona, her hubbie and their 2 wee ones and Auntie visiting from out of state. What a great day. The wee lads first sporting event and I just love these minor league games, they go all out to keep you entertained past watching baseball game. Firstly you are near enough that you can really see the game. Big stadiums remind me of just seeing it on telly , then half time shows, block sing songs and competitions and the kids get to run around all the based at end and fireworks. We ended up with in n out burger gift certs and free appetizer certs for dave n busters. Pretty cool! Munchkin had a blast mainly because her 5 yr old adores babies and let him try to bite his nose and shared his comic annual of rintin with him. He smiled at everyone flirting away and was a wee dote. We were home by 10 and he drifted off to land of nod. Great day put and will go again. 5 adults with 2 kids and infant all for 57 dollars. Can't beat that with a stick or bat..


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