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Sunday, May 04, 2008

ladies night and I'm feeling right

So Ciara started a ladies night once a month. So Friday ended up being a more packed day then I intended but saw lots of folks. First music and me with wee man. He loves the songs and apart from trying to eat the grandfathers sock who was sitting beside us on floor all was grand. Oh and the teacher was trying to sign squirrel for a song and signed two people wrestling naked if u get what I mean. But apart from that wee hiccup (I let her know right sign as those who have heard my signing mistakes stories will know I am not adverse myself to botching up, sign for tea in Ireland is not sign for tea in America. That's all I'll say to another day but sure my deaf landlady is still laughing at me still to her deaf friends.

Afterwards came home and did some catch up work. I am supposed to be off Fridays but this doesn't seem to happen. I work OK his nap time instead of chilling myself or cleaning. Anyway didn't realize phone was dead and missed some calls. So missed that my friend Susan would drop by with a friend she picked up from airport. They dropped by and I had little to give them not expecting company for lunch. Apple sauce and one of wee man food jars wasn't going to cut it. (I bet Martha Stewart would have made it work!) diet sodas it was then since my offer of tea was all Irish folks do as a knee jerk reaction to guests. Even if people don't drink tea we force on them like Fr Ted's wretched housewife giving tea even when not wanted.

So after the lovely unexpected visit I set up my Indian brothers crackberry (easy in end but not as ways as should be). Then I went to pick up a friend from her job to bring her to girls night out. Then quick dash home before picking up another friend from train station and off we all went down to Ciaras. What a wonderful night. Girls laughing, sharing good news and bad. Hubbie darling looked after wee man.

A full full Friday but very enjoyable.


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