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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Monday night

So that night we went to Bucco the Italian family dining place. Fantastic food I must say and wee man was so so happy with the bread roll (I had taken out all the bread out of it) leaving him a crust to munch, suck and chew on. His teeth were still under two swollen hills of gums but I was hoping they might appear soon. Like before he was 3 and we aren't on soup diets for his teenage years...
Wee man was in great form and we had a nice night in after this, drinking some wine and chilling in the hotel. Earlier myself and my Mum had tried the lazy river. Those tires are not as easy to get in and out of as you might think. In helping ahem my Mum get out of hers I inadvertently tossed her into water completely. Didn't help there was a warm but very very strong wind that day so it was whizzing us around this lazy river at high speed. Tires were literally bouncing across the pool and patio by the wind. The trick to the tire is to get on like a seat while you are out of the water. Trying to get on while in the water and not as flexible as a teen will result in being half in and out and whizzing around the lazy river like dragged flotsam after a ship. Lots of fun though. We also brought down the coffee mugs with wine and chilled in jacuzzi afterwards while men watched wee lad. My kind of holiday
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