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Thursday, May 22, 2008


just back from vacation and had a brilliant time. Here's wee lad with Grandpa Borg, him in airport playing with Mammys baseball hat (star trek one natch..), catching up on some reading of color red (twist at end re the rainbow), and sitting in his new $20 buggy from babes r us at airport at 10 at night where I stripped him down as it was a balmy 80 degrees and humid in Orlando airport while we waited for Daddy to come and pick us up in the rental minivan. Theres always of course the fun of putting a car seat in. They gave us a decent one but we had to buy a noodle next day to put under it to tilt it backwards so poor wee lad could sleep. Going out on airplane was grand. He slept 2 hrs, woke up for one and then down again for 45 mins. Smiling and flirting with anyone who would look at him. Motel overnight in Orlando was tougher - he now rolls over in wee tent and tries to bring it with him like a hamster cage. So we put bags on either side to hold tent in one place so he could sleep. Not that he did much of that. Also room was on 2nd floor, no elevator so poor hubbie had arms like an orangutan from hauling up our bags upstairs. We had put spare clothes for next day in carry on but of course the tent, nappies etc all over place so up they all came. On plus side we weren't charged for having a 2nd carry on bag. We dont know if this was because of us booking pre their increase or if you have an extra allowance being in economy plus. The extra few leg inches are worth it. Also the nice man in the ailse seat switched to another seat to give us more room and I'm sure to escape from the baby. He was a dote though at airport and flight and our wonderful friend Tanya's hubbie gave us a lift to airport so saved us a lot of bother hiking from parking lot to checkin. The wee buggy from babes r us is a winner for $20. Super light and wee man had his 3rd airflight with no bother. At least not on way out..
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