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Thursday, May 22, 2008

wee laddie

Talking to my Mother in Law today. She said everyone asked her how was her visit with her first grandchild. She said to them, you wont believe me - you'll think I'm just saying it because he's my first grandchild. What they said - well he's as good as gold, was smiling and laughing even with teething, he's a handsome boy and very loving. Ah they said you're just saying that because he's your first they said. Nope she said you're wrong - he is like that. Hopefully we'll see them soon. 3000 miles from one set and 6000 miles didn't seem to far until we had a wee lad to share with them

My Mum has a sign at home, grandchildren are the gift for not strangling your kids... and she's right!
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