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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Diapers and Movies

So local cinema at the pruneyard here in Campbell does diaper night and movies. So at 630pm - they showed Prince Caspian, with the lights on for the movie and the volume also turned down not to hurt little ears. So Mums and Dads were welcome to come with their babies and toddlers. We had a lovely time, wee lad slept for first hour, then was awake, had some food, played peek a boo with baby behind us, laughed at the kid in front of us who poured a bag of popcorn over his head and at one point waved hello at the screen when the girls came on.. Really..

It maybe was a tad too long for toddlers and babies at 2 hrs 20 but no complaints from us or wee man. It was brilliant being able to bring him in and watch and play together and not worry about his singing during the movie. There was about 15 families in there and they don't even advertise it at the cinema so that poor unaware folks don't wander into that screen and wonder what the racket is and why there's a toddler asleep on a blanket on the floor.

We'll be going again!

Now to plan a girlie night to see Sex in the City, I think cosmos are a must before hand!


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