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Sunday, June 08, 2008

older no wiser

So had a lovely birthday on Thursday - hubbie got me cards from himself and wee lad, some great new books and I got a new wii fit board - haven't used it as yet but plan to later today

We had a lovely night in Thursday - watched PS I love you that my wee sister Maevers bought me (who is currently leaving Australia after 6 months and will be backpacking around Asia for another 3 months before heading back to Ireland ..) The book was much better but grand movie to sit in with and have a nice big glass of wine. Gerald Butler keeps slipping into his Scottish accent in movie but since hes nice on eyes I'm not protesting too much.. Hubbie had brought home food and more importantly a huge slice of Strawberry Napoleon cake from Flames - slices of puff pastry, fresh cream and strawberry jam.. Yummm

Friday I cleaned around house after music with wee lad and went down to my mate Ciaras for Friday girls night. Once a month she has a girls night where about 10-15 girls from a wide range of life and ages pile into her house, have a grand chat, few laughs, some soda, wine, tea and nibbles.

So Thursday I sent out a reminder to folks that the girls night was happening as theres a few of my friends who come to it. Ciara jokes that my emails remind her about it

Then I get an email and the subject of it is..

Surprise party for S on Friday at girls night - shes not on this email list....

So I laugh as the email is bcc to everyone from Ciara but only person on the cc list is well me and my email address...


So I laugh and think I wont say anything but sure everyone and their mother who was bcc.. said are you sure S wasn't on that as her email was.. doouhh!

So Ciara calls me up, have you seen your email yet.. I just laugh and she says I hate you laughing.. She then says well sure wont be a party - that will be surprise

So nice to even think of it and Friday hubbie dropped us off so I could have a drink and there was a tiara waiting for me and some wine and I got a lovely bubble wand as a pressie and even cake with a candle.. You can't get much better then a tiara and your own bubbles to wave around like a princess :-) Was a lovely night and Annie dropped me off home. I think was even better for the story around my not so surprise party ;-)

Then Saturday morning I drove down to Ciaras and we went for a short hike around a local trial for an hour and half with her neighbor. She had come up to my neck of woods last week. We're meeting every Saturday morning for a quick walk. Perfect to catch up and get fit.

Then myself and hubbie went off to the movies while Catherine our lovely daycare lady took wee lad for a few hours babysitting him. We're so lucky to have her minding wee lad as you can tell he's not a job to them but a pleasure. He loves going there and doing his little shriek when he sees their so patient cat who lets wee lad pet him while hes all excited about this furry animal.

We saw Indiana Jones and it was a grand movie - not as bad as I had heard. Yep the Alien theme is a little out there (like the Ark etc wasn't ?) and I heard Stephen Spielberg had to talk George Lucas down from even more crazy ideas.. So I would have loved to known what Lucas was thinking as it was pretty out there even for that..

So today off to Half Moon Bay - nice drive by the sea for a friends 14th birthday. Then back home for tonight where we have about 10 mates coming over to play Wii games and have some pizza and some beer from the new IPA keg hubbie picked up yesterday.

I laughed at friends who sent birthday wishes for my 29th birthday - truth is I LOVE being in my 30's. Is so much better than my 20's and I cant wait to see what my 40's will bring. I am comfortable being myself more now than ever. I have even started looking into a MLS masters program (masters of library science..) for next year. Those who know me know of my childhood dream of being a librarian. Yes I know that I cant sit and read books all day (although a friend of mine Gina who is a librarian says that's what they pretty much do... )

So lovely birthday weekend - I am still receiving pressies in the mail and cards so feel super spoiled. Also shared it with my sisterchick Shelia in NY who is missed but I know loving her new city. And sure now I have tons of new books to read and with the wee man and hubbie I have everything I ever wanted...

So older, no wiser but very happy :-)


At 3:28 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

Well Happy Birthday! Still sounds like a smashing great party though.


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